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Elizabeth Kalush-DeGain



Why I Coach

Hey there. I am Elizabeth Kalush-DeGain,  Co-owner/manager and coach at 810 CrossFit. I taught English, media arts and peer mediation for 12 years at Grand Blanc High School before falling completely in love with CrossFit. I thought Crossfit was only for ex-collegiate athletes and crazy people, but I gave it a shot and fell in love with what it did not only for my body, but for my confidence and overall mental health. 

Although I have been out of public education for five years, I feel completely honored to teach CrossFit to all sorts of individuals, in all sorts of shape, with different backgrounds, different goals and varying ages (currently 4 years- 73 years young) inside of 810 CrossFit. I feel so privileged that I get to teach so many different kinds of people how to move mechanically well while encouraging each individual to be a little bit better version of themselves than the day before. I find no greater joy than helping people reach their goals and feel good physically and mentally.

Often times when I am at the gym, I do not even feel like I am working. I am surrounded by wonderful individuals that truly care about one another and inspire each other to work hard and have fun. Our 810 CrossFit family is truly unique in our amazingly bonded community. We feel each other‘s failures and we celebrate each other’s successes. The people that you sweat with daily become your closest friends and ultimately family. For this, I am extremely grateful. I hope that you consider 810 CrossFit if you’re looking for a community that will educate you, inspire you while building forever bonds along your fitness journey.