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Being fit/healthy is hard. That is exactly why there is a tsunami of obesity and chronic diseases sweeping the world today. For that reason, I have dedicated my life to providing a lifeboat to the tsunami upon us. That is 810 CrossFit!

If we thought “fake news” was ruining our political perceptions, that is an understatement when considering what it has done to our fitness/health perceptions. I created 810 CrossFit to provide an environment where people can share goals and experiences that lend themselves to success. Through a clever combination of education, inspiration, and entertainment, I want to provide you with all the necessary steps to get you to the next portion of your fitness journey. 810 CrossFit is a place where the truth about what needs to be done, as well as the trial/tribulations of what will occur along the way, are clearly expressed to everyone. A true roadmap to success is what we want to hand over to all of our members.

Nature has no obligation to our busy schedules, nor does it care. If we want to be healthy, we need to take charge of our fitness/health in the present. There is no waiting. There is no “calming down of life” that we can wait for. There is only action that can solve the potential problems of western civilization. At 810, we work to surround ourselves with people who believe the same. People who want to succeed. People who care about others success. People who know how to accomplish success AND know how to share that roadmap with others.