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Josh Bowen



Coaching is a specific moment in the day that I have with individuals during one of the most important hours of their day.

An hour used for becoming fitter and becoming healthier. Coaching is an opportunity to make this part of their day what it’s meant to be… One of the most rewarding and exciting hours, and I get to make it whatever else I want it to be as well. Living healthy lives is an anchor to other aspects of our lives. Coaching gives me a way to associate this with something that is fun and rewards you if you show up with the intention to be better. People come to the gym with a goal to improve themselves and I get to help them achieve that goal. 

Being coached is one of my favorite things. Some of my favorite moments in the gym have been a coach giving me the simplest tip that completely changed the way I thought of a movement, skill or lift.  Or a tip that changed the way I approached fitness and the mindset behind it. Experiencing that “click” moment for myself has allowed me to notice it in the athletes I’m working with.  Nothing is more fun than working with an athlete on an individualistic level and finding a cue or a tip unique to them and their needs and watching it click in their heads. The excitement that takes place when the lightbulb goes off, and knowing you just made that athletes hour the best of their day is the reason I coach.

-Joshua Bowen