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Why I Crossfit?.. In short “ for the love of movement”

Growing up, I was an extremely active kid, and I excelled in many sports. I started body building when I was 16 after a near death bout with Viral Meningitis. I have always included many sports in my hobbies, and when a girlfriend invited me to try “Crossfit” for HER birthday, I said “sure, I’ll give it a try” which I now recognize as the most wonderful trap any friend could ever offer! I had no idea what to expect, and from the day I have not looked back. This was February 2011.
I decided to do the Level 1 Crossfit course in 2013, 2 weeks after dislocating my elbow competing in a Strongman competition. I have been coaching Crossfit ever since!
Why do I do it? I truly get a kick out of seeing people achieve things they thought they’d never do! Helping people understand that everything we do matters, from lifestyle and nutrition, to strength and cardiovascular understanding, it ALL matters! I have an inner drive to see you move to the best of your ability and beyond… not forgetting all the most amazing people I know do Crossfit , I am eternally grateful for this way of life!