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Rachael Tait



Why I Coach

“I began CrossFit during a time of difficult change in my own life. I was facing many obstacles, which at the time, felt insurmountable. My emotional and physical health were at an all time low, and I was far from a healthy lifestyle. CrossFit provided me with an outlet to get healthy and make positive changes. When the opportunity to coach was presented, I was eager to share my own transformation journey. It was a chance to show others that by making a commitment to yourself and to your health, you can be a phoenix that rises renewed from the ashes.

Coaching has allowed me to share my passion for health, fitness, and self-investment. I was able to connect with our community and to develop relationships and lifelong friendships. I get to celebrate our members milestones and the victories that come with hard work, dedication, and discipline. When one of our members accomplishes something he or she has been working for in the gym, I am filled with genuine excitement and elation. I am so honored to be trusted with my community’s fitness.”