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Spencer Nimmo



Why I Coach

“I was once told by somebody very important to me to share my gifts with those I am fortunate to exist with in this world. I also once read that to truly thrive in pursuit of your gifts, you must find your territory, mark your territory, and own your territory. After much examination, internal scrutiny, and repeated personal failure in this pursuit, I can unequivocally say that one of my greatest gifts is helping people to elevate themselves beyond what they think they are capable of doing. And my territory is the gym.

Upon accepting my gift, and embracing my territory, I decided it only made sense to give coaching a try. Although I am not the longest tenured coach in CrossFit by any means, I have discovered a deep and profound sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from doing it. To witness an athlete hit a new weightlifting personal record, accomplish a workout faster than the last time he or she tried it, attempt a more advanced version of a movement, increase his or her mobility, or even just show up with a smile ready to get after it; warms my heart and fills my soul like few other experiences do. There is nothing quite like seeing an athlete’s eyes beam with a newfound confidence from having just accomplished something that he or she once thought to be out of reach. I feed off of that heightened sense of confidence, that fitness growth, that personal growth that only comes after consistent hard work. Let’s grow together. I’m psyched.”