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Steve Berriman



I enjoy being a coach for several reasons.  First, and most obvious, is helping people take steps towards their goals.  Whether the goal is athletic, like getting that first unbanded pull up or strict hand stand push up, or health related like getting better numbers on their yearly physical I enjoy being a part of that process and helping them achieve their goals. 

Secondly, I look forward to the challenge it presents to me.  Coaching allows me to spend time studying movements and exercises, trying to find ways to better communicate and demonstrate to our athletes what is expected and to help them to reach their goals.  

Lastly, what I love most about coaching is getting to know the athletes on a personal level.  Finding out about who they are outside of the gym, what goes on in their lives, and what their reason for being at 810 is the most enjoyable part for me and helps me as a coach make the time they spend in my class the best hour of their day!