2/10/2013 – State of The Gym Address #3

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2/10/2013 – State of The Gym Address #3

This episode featured PR’s from Beth Przybylski, Rick Mazzone, Emmitt Jenkins, Lindsay Barber, Mellisa Rider, Nic Gatlin, Lisa Burkel, Dave Burkel, Joel Tait, Evelyn Shaw, Alex Naum, Nick Kirwin, Zsalanda Richardson, Jeff Kalo, Jodi Sanders, Jessica Robinson, James Emmerling, Dayne Rogers, Robyn Brooks, Brett Kuhlman, Ed O’Mara, and Kameron Theede!  In 2013, Coach Joe DeGain introduced the “State of the Gym Address (SOGA) to 810 CrossFit. The SOGA has evolved over time, but it has remained a staple at 810 CrossFit to communicate with gym members at 810. It is now delivered in the form of a monthly newsletter to 810 CrossFit email subscribers…

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