Class Reservations, Testing, & Score Recording

As a member of 810 CrossFit, you should have three applications on your smart phone.  Here are the three and their purposes:
1.  WODIFY app.  This app has two purposes:
A.  Class reservations.  These are mandatory for us to do contact tracing if necessary.  Use the “Class Schedule” option from the menu to reserve.
B.  Payment information can be updated under the “settings” and the “Payment Info” options from the menu.
*If you are in the middle school/high school class this is the only app needed… no need for the one’s below!  All adult members should have the below two apps also:
2.  LEVEL METHOD app.  This is for entering your fitness testing scores, it is where your “Level” is calculated.  When signing up, select “810 CrossFit” as your gym.  Email j[email protected] once you make an account, we will approve it!
iOS =
Google Play =
3.  CHALK IT PRO app.  This is where you can view daily workouts, enter scores, and “Like” other peoples scores!  Follow the prompts from this website!

About the Author: Joe DeGain